Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't we realize that our ethical values fading with our manners?

My neighbor who worked(retired now) in a and is 50 at age now said that nearly 20 years back, uneducated people give so much respect to educated people, and that time educated people are very much strict in following good discipline or behavior.

Now time changes most(50% above) of people getting educated and getting graduate/master/post graduate degrees, and lacks discipline and behavior in social life. Most of the people from corporate companies claiming that people are lack of skills and good discipline.

Bribing system : With these type people sans manners or behavior or what ever that comes in the name discipline want their work to be done with higher priority and with no patience are encouraging bribe takers. Its we people encouraging bribing for our work to be done fast.

Our educations institutes give good educations sans good discipline/behavior. There is a famous idiom in Telugu language, saying "Mokkai vanganidi manai vanguna"( If we can't a bend of a small plant to proper way , never to be bended as tree).

In cities/towns, all are educated(mostly). but everywhere people behave in bad manner. In local trains or buses, or even when going by lifts in office premises also, people throng for moving fast and ignoring out coming people and baring at other service seekers.

In old times we are very much famous for our honest and behavior, don't we realize that our ethical values fading with our manners?

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